Lazaro Floral in New Paltz (July)

These were shot back in July but never got around to posting them.

My friend Natalie Lazaro was visiting from San Diego and wanted to shoot. She owns a floral company on the west coast and was super excited to shoot with her because her pictures are amazing. She called our friend Kayleigh and Natalie then hooked us all up at this amazing flower farm in New Paltz, NY. Natalie got to pick the flowers right from the farm and then started to assemble a bouquet while Kayleigh and Kyle were getting ready. We originally wanted to shoot at dawn or dusk for some incredible golden/blue hour light but our schedules just weren't meshing. We decided on 11 am or else we wouldn't have even shot that day. Mid day isn't ideal but there was a nice hazy overcast sky, the type of sky that the sun still shines through but barely. it was perfect.

I changed some of the hues around to give it a little washy saturated look. Here are some of my favorites.