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Here is Lindsay and Stevens wedding teaser. These guys were incredible and the day was so easy. I love my clients!!!!!! Shot at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Music by The Fleet Foxes

Wishing them much luck in their new business!!


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Its hard to have a life when you shoot as many weddings as I have had this past fall. I had so much computer time and the last thing I wanted to do was stay on my computer more. Here is a little sneak into just a nice smooth slow motion video from Jacqueline and Sebastians wedding back in September. When I was editing their video I had a random playlist on and found this song. I thought it meshed pretty well with the visuals!

Ride With LINE

I recently completed the launch video for LINE, New York Trailways new no non-sense bus transport from downtown NYC to Upstate destinations like Woodstock and Kingston. This was shot all in one day on location on 31st street in Manhattan then we travelled to finish the video by the Ashokan Reservoir between Kingston and Woodstock. Glad I got to be part of such a cool concept in changing the way we travel on a bus! The pictures on their website are all shot by me as well!

Click the button below to check out the launch!

Welcome to the future of travel. Welcome to LINE.



2nd shooter, Angela, in action

This wedding was nuts! Wheatleigh was by far the most theatrical place I have ever shot and I mean that in the best way possible. The place was something out of a movie or a book. It was stunning. Alex and Dr. Thomas were incredible and super accommodating to me and my 2nd shooter Angela. Even though it got moved inside due to inclement weather we still got spurts of no rain and we ended up getting killer shots. So much fun! Lana Del Rey was not my first choice for a song but when you get the rights to the song from Universal you use it! 😏

Teaser up and to the left.

Click the link below to read Vogue's article about Alex and Dr. Thomas' wedding at Forbes top ten place to get married in America, Wheatleigh, and scroll down to find my video!

Kiara and Michaels Memphis Wedding Teaser

I grew up with Mike in Poughkeepsie and I have played soccer with him for years. My brother is a part of this absolutely amazing group of friends that have stuck together for many years and Mike is an integral part in that. It was pleasure to fly down to Memphis and shoot this beautiful wedding in a beautiful part of the country. Cheers! Full video coming soon!


Amanda & Joeys Wedding Video Teaser

Here is another 60 second teaser of my good friends Amanda & Joey getting married on a beautiful fall afternoon in Kingston, New York at Ole Savanna's right on the water on Rondout Landing. Cant go wrong with the Menahan Street Band!


Christine & Kevin, September 15th 2017

Christine and Kevin had a super eventful wedding day. It was hot and muggy then the clouds came then the rain. It literally only rained for their entire ceremony and stopped immediately after. Anybody would be bummed in this situation but it never phased them. They just went on with the wedding and didn't care. In fact, all of the guests realized that if the bride and groom are gonna go in the rain then they must too. It was just a lot of fun (and a little scary running 3 cameras in the rain for 12 minutes) shooting in the rain like that and I am not sure if I will ever have another experience like it, and as you can see in the picture below, my hair never recovered. Having said that, they were blessed with an insane golden hour and rainbow. Just look at those colors! Unbelievable end to the day! Thank you both so much, you rule!

Another wedding, another selfie...


Sam & Robbie September 8th, 2017

When I shot a wedding on my birthday weekend late May last year in Aruba, my talented second shooter, Vincent Derise, asked me if I was available for a September wedding that same year for a friend. This was truly cutting it close with dates being taken a year early but luckily enough for both parties I was able to shoot the wedding and it ended up being a blast! Sam and Robbie are super chill, and super cool as you can tell in the video. I seriously get the best clients! Thanks again for letting me share the day guys! You rule.

another wedding another selfie

another wedding another selfie


R.L. Baxter Introduction Shoot

I have been working on and off with Baxter on a few different projects showcasing their building skills. I have finally sat down with them and decided to collaborate on a few videos in the next few months. This one is just showing you what they are all about in a nutshell.


Hudson River Fruit Distributers

Collaborating with Hudson River Fruit Distributors was an amazing experience. We had to shoot the seasons so it was a long project spanning almost a full year. The process that goes into apple growing and apple distributing is quite intricate and I was pleased to see what happens before I take that first bite into an apple. Alisha Albinder has become a great friend of mine and hearing her talk about her passion is so relateable. If you are reading this and you have met me before then you must know how much I can talk about my own passions which is obviously shooting video and playing soccer. It was a pleasure to work with Alisha and everyone else over at HRFD and I can't wait to see how much they will grow in the nest few years. Here are two videos I shot for them. One is a mini story of Harold Albinder, the president of HRFD and the 2nd is a video showcasing what HRFD is all about. Cheers 

Nicole & Jason

Anything that can happen at a wedding will happen. This wedding was one of those days. It was crazy beautiful out all day in Middletown, New York at West Hills Country Club. Perfect overcast but also bright sunny sky for no hard shadows, and not too hot in the middle of the summer. Typical upstate New York weather slammed us at the most inopportune time. Thirty mins before the wedding a thunderstorm swept through with torrential down pour and hail. It was out of a movie! Luckily Jason and Nicole were super chill about the entire day and it barely slowed them down. As the video shows, just realize its your wedding day and things don't go according to plan, but don't get down on it. After all, you're surrounded by friends and family and you are about to marry your best friend. What more can you ask for? Jason and Nicole get it! What a fun day and thank you so much to the beautiful newly weds, the pleasure was all mine!!! 

Another Wedding.......Another Selfie

Another Wedding.......Another Selfie